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Q: How do I get started in IPSC shooting?

Fill out and return the "101 Class sign-up" form found on our Forms Page. Show up at Kokohead Shooting Complex on the day you registered for on the form. As you drive into the complex, take the first left which will take you toward the IPSC/Action shooting ranges.

Q: What should I bring to a match?

  1. Match fee: $25 for members, $30 for non-member
  2. Food and/or drink to nibble on for a 5-8 hour match
  3. Sun tan lotion
  4. Sneakers/boots(no slippers)
  5. Rain gear(if it looks like it's going to rain)
  6. Eye and hearing protection(required)
  7. Baseball cap or visor to keep sun off your eyes(not required but helpful)
  8. Work gloves(to help setup and breakdown targets before and after matches)
  9. Rangebag to carry all your stuff
  10. USPSA member card(sign up online here)
  11. NRA member card(if you intend to join MPPL and want $25 off your membership fee)
  12. Properly functioning and legally registered handgun, minimum 9mm/.38 Special caliber
  13. Belt worn in belt loops, capable of holding a handgun(w/10 rounds) and 50 rounds of ammunition in spare magazines
  14. Holster made for the handgun you bring
  15. Five extra pistol magazines or equivalent number of revolver speedloaders(high capacity magazines are illegal in Hawaii)
  16. Magazine/speedloader pouches for above
  17. 150 rounds of ammunition appropriate for your gun
Q: Do I have to know all the USPSA/IPSC rules before I come?

No. On your first day, before shooting, you'll learn the basics in the "IPSC 101" course that will be presented by one of the members. There you will learn the important safety rules and terminology. During the match you'll be paired with a "big brother" to answer your questions and help you through your first match.

Q: Anything else I need to know?

Bring your gun unloaded and in a case and your magazines empty. You will be told where to holster your gun and when to load your magazines.

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